Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freak E Brew Year!

Well, it's a brand new year and that means it's a new brew year. The beer in the video is a Belgian Triple that we made back in Feb. of 2009. E just happened to save one bottle of it and we just cracked it open the other day. I think this may have been one of the best beers I have ever tasted. 4 years in the cellar really made it into a great beer. I just wish we had saved a little more of it.

As you have probably noticed, we have not done a lot with the blog for a couple of years. I guess we just got bored with it. Not to mention that we didn't do as much brewing the last two years as we normally do. E had another kid and life in general has gotten in the way of what we love to do. There have been several new things going on in the Freak Brothers Brewery. One being a minor expansion. I moved a large set of shelves out of  the brewery. This gave us an additional 4 foot by 12 foot space that may turn into a walk-in cooler in the near future. I moved a few other things out as well so, I now have the entire room dedicated to the brewery. We have made several batches of beer recently and fully intend to keep the barrel rolling.

Stay tuned for more brewing hijinks and, I hope you have a happy brew year as well.

Freak out.