Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter Freakin Whitbier

Well, the IPA is just as good as it has always been. Unfortunately, the first keg is dead and I don't want to run out of beer. So, with just 2 kegs left, it's time to brew that Whit that I've been trying to get done for 2 months. I don't normally like coriander seeds and orange peel in my beer but, that is exactly why I wanted to make it. Item #1 on my bucket list is to brew every BJCP style and, that is one that is still on the checklist. Partially because I never wanted 17 gallons of that style of beer plus I don't feel like going through the trouble of brewing a 5 gallon batch. If you are going to brew, brew big! So, 17 gallons of Belgian Whit it is. It has been mashing for about 60 mins. at 155 F right now and I plan to do a 90 min. mash. The bittering/flavoring hops will be Magnum (16.7%) for 60 mins. and again at 30 mins. and the flavor/aroma hops will be Hallertau (3.9%) for 15 mins. and 10 mins. The IBU's will be much higher than what the style guidelines call for but, I wanted to kick it up a bit because I didn't want a total pussy beer. The guidelines are 15-22 IBU's and this beer should be over 50. It will be 53.6 to be exact. The only thing that concerns me is, will it over power the spices. I cut them back a bit frow what the recipe called for. I suspect that they dude that came up with it was less than a skilled brewer due to the way he was using hops in the recipe. I had to make some changes. However, he may know more about spices than I do. We will see. The bitter orange beel will go in at 15 mins. and the coriander seeds at 10 mins. I'm using 4 oz. of each. The original recipe called for 5.5 and 6.1 oz. of each after I adjusted for batch size. I have also been using Super Moss HB in the last 10 mins. It seems to work way better than Irish moss. Good stuff. After mashing a little longer, this wort is piss clear (4.5 SRM) but, I am getting a hydrometer reading of 21 after 60 mins. I am expecting to get an OG of 1.055 or better. I will keep you posted on how the beer turns out.

Freak out!