Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jimmy Carter Happy Hour was a hell of a good time...

What's up everyone? Last Thursday the Freak Brothers invaded el Bait Shop for Jimmy Carter Happy Hour. For those of you out there that aren't familiar with this weekly event it is a celebration of Jimmy Carter making home brewing beer legal once again after being outlawed during prohibition. So every week el Bait Shop invites home brewers to hand out FREE samples of home brew for a few hours which allows people to try home brew for the 1st time and chat with brewers and generate some IBU club memberships along with extra beer sales for the bar, a win win for everyone.

The beers that we brought down for consumption last week were as follows:
American Brown Ale, a very hoppy brown (75 IBUs) that seemed to be received well by all.
American Stout, this was a clone of Deschutes Obsidian Stout. Not as roasty as the Deschutes but close.
Robust Porter, this is our standard porter recipe that always does very well at every competition a BOS winner.
American Blonde Ale, this was a beer that was kegged the night before we brought it down. It was good but I know it will be even better in a couple weeks.
Dry Cider, this turned out really nice, Keith is turning into quite the cider maker. We had lot's of good comments on this one and at 8.5% alc you had to watch yourself.
Cola, that's right home made soda. It goes nicely with Jim Beam enough said.

We managed to empty almost every keg that we brought, that's 30 gallons of beer! And from talking to most people that were there that had our homebrew it was a good time for all. To some things up here's a quote from someone at the end of the night that sums things up "I think you guys got most of the bar pretty fucked up".

Cheers and keep getting your Freak on!


The Freak Bros.

A fan of the Porter.

Freak working hard.

Tim having a good time.

Freak still working hard.

Some friends of mine, George (middle) will be part of the Central IA brewing community, hopefully in 2010.