Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"E" enters a contest amd BOS Porter brew day...

This Sunday we brewed the Shit Brown BOS Porter and shot some video of myself for a week long beer internship with Full Sail Brewing. The internship contest is put on by the travel Oregon website and looks pretty freakin' awesome to say the least. Check out the link above for the specifics, what could be better than  hanging out in the land of beer that is Oregon. All of the internship videos are on YouTube including mine so go check it out and be kind with the comments, for me at least. Here is the link for the video.

We also started brewing for Jimmy Carter Happy hour at El Bait Shop. The first beer so far is the BOS Porter which has taken a BOS and 1st at the State Fair the last 2 years along with a 1st in the specialty category when we added chocolate extract to it.

This time during brewing we overshot the brewing volume by about 3 gallons and ended up boiling an extra 90 before the usual 90 minute boil. That's right a 3 hour boil! It should be interesting when the beer is finished, hopefully we'll get a little more caramel flavor from it... it certainly smelled like it should.

I'll let Freak post some pics along with the recipe and his recollection of how the brew went.

Later, "E"