Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Freak Brothers Visit the Worth Brewery

Last Saturday my wife and kids were out of town so E and I decided to trip up to the Minnesota border and check out The Worth Brewery. If you are from Iowa you are likely familiar with this establishment. It is the smallest commercial brewery in the country. Pete, the owner and brewmaster, uses a 10 gallon Brew Magic system. That is sort of why we wanted to visit. It is the kind of thing that makes any home brewer want to quit their day job and go pro. It proves that a brew pub can be run on any scale. I encourage anyone to go see this operation. It's really pretty cool. Here are some photos of our trip.

This is Pete, the owner and brewmaster. He used to work for the Summit Brewing Company in Minnesota.

This is one of the locals that we met. He was in there buying a growler. I guess they just started up a homebrew club.

This is the Brew Magic System that Pete uses. I'm sure some of you are working on the same set up. This proves that you can open your own brew pub if you "Just Get Your Freak On".

Pete uses several Blichmann fermentors. Most of them are 14 gallons I believe, but his web site says he has a 27 gallon. It must have been tucked away some place out of sight. I'm sure he needs all the space he can get.

Check out the yeast culture in the 1 liter beaker. Reminds me of home. Hey E!! You need to build one of your stir plates for Pete!! He He!

Here is E getting drunk with the locals. It was a great time. The food is really good here too. I had the Bratwurst (with a great homemade mustard) and E had homemade beef stew. Both were excellent. If you ever get a chance to go here you should. It is a wonderful place to visit. I can see places like this popping up all over and doing very well.

Freak Out!

I would also like to say thanks to Pete for all of his hospitality. He was more than helpfull answering all of our questions and showing us around his brewing area.
He's making some great beer and has a very nice setup going for him up there in northern IA / southern MN. We had a great time, sampled all but one of his beers and they were all very nice.
Late, "E"

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