Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freakwieser Lite 2 & E's German Pils

You have heard about our attempt to create a Lite American Lager that resembles something that comes out of a can. Well, here is our second attempt. As I have said in the past, it is much harder to make a good light beer than it is to make a good dark beer. There is nothing there to cover up your flaws. I think our second attempt at making Budcoorsmilleroldmillnaturalpabstoldmillbest Lite was successful but, I intend to tweek it a bit more. It is so close, it's not funny. However, it needs a tiny bit of work to make it right. If you judge it on nothing other than the SRM you will see that we got an A+!!!!

Not only does it look like water but it tastes like it too. No, I'm just kidding. It actually tastes pretty good for what it is. I could drink this beer all day long on a hot summer day. It is pictured here next to our latest German Pils to demonstrate just how light it is. The pils (left) is very light. This beer is almost clear. The photo does it no justice.

I wanted to make this beer for 2 reasons. One, because people that know nothing about beer always ask me if I can make Bud Lite and second, because I believe this is the hardest style of beer to make (in a home brewing environment) and make it well. Don't give me shit until you have tried to make it yourself and make it good. That is a tall task. Trust me. Give it a try!!!


P.S. 60% Pils malt, 20% flaked maize, 20% flaked rice and Saaz hops at 60 and 20 mins.

P.S.S. I am thinking about going 65, 15, 20 and adding a tiny bit more flavor hops. I want to get more opinions before I do it.

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