Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freak's Tool !!!!!!!!

Check out my tool! I got it for X-Mas. I suggest that everyone should get one. A refractometer will allow you to take Brix readings (instead of, or in addition to, gravity readings) at any point in the brewing process. With just a few drops (not several ounces) of wort, partially finished beer or finished beer, you will know the exact sugar content of any liquid. This thing is a must have. They are fairly inexpensive (about $60 or less). Make sure you get one that has ATC (automated temperature compensation). This will be more accurate in a wider temperature range (about 40-80 degrees, or more). Don't buy one that does not have ATC. They are much cheaper but, you will not be happy with it. Go buy one with ATC today. You wont be sorry.

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