Monday, January 12, 2009

The "E" Quad Keg Fermentor

Yesterday E and I made another lager. We have been going lager crazy since we got the lagering chest. This lager rage presented us with a space problem. We are just a bit shy of being able to get six carboys (2 batches of beer) in at one time. We were able to get around this problem by using kegs to secondary. That worked to primary one and secondary another. We still got backed up because, this week, we needed to primary 2 batches at once. The latest issue of B.Y.O. had an article about fermenting in kegs so, E put 4 empty kegs to good use. We just hooked up an out line to each keg, and ran 4 hoses to a jar of water, for the blow offs. E still had to take a carboy home and put it in his fridge. I guess it is about time to get back to making ales for a while. Space is not a problem with ales.

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