Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Freaktoberfest is almost here...

Once again as the leaves are tuning and the weather is becoming optimal for brewing that can only mean one thing, Freaktoberfest! 

This year should be an outstanding event once again with an even better turn out than last year. Freak and I have decided to take things up another notch as far as home-brew is concerned. Last year we had 15 gals of brew minus what Freak drank the night before and that went pretty quick. So this year we'll have 30 gals + 5 gals of "special" ale and of course the smoker will be loaded with all variety of animal carcasses for snacking pleasure. Another change this year is that we will keep the party going until the last person drops ( Freak). 

Freak and I went down to help Rob clean up and things are looking great rain or shine. The beer will be cold, the fire hot and our friends all having fun. Hopefully we'll have some good pics to share and stories to tell. Later "E"