Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Beer Gun, part 2...

Well, after the last try at using the beer gun with somewhat mixed results I think that I've found the proper technique. Here are the steps that I took this time around:
1. Chilled keg to 40 degrees.
2. Set keg pressure to 4psi. (just enough to push out the beer)
3. Put sterilized bottles into the freezer to chill them. (nice and frosty)
4. Used a shallow baking pan to catch overflow, instead of the floor.
5. Did not have Freak help. (#1 reason for better results)

This time everything worked absolutely great! There was very little overflow I'd say less than a 1/8 cup for 4 beers. The only other thing that will make this work even better is a direct gas line to the keg, which Freak has taken care of with a new regulator with 3 gas outs. We will supply some pics of the new setup in the future until then Keep gettin' your freak on and have a freakin' homebrew.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Queer Eye For The Beer Guy!

Here is a man that looks like he should have a wheat beer in his hand. Maybe even a slice of orange or lemon on the side. By the way, is that "Queer Eye" on the TV behind you E? I took one restroom break and, when I came back, you changed the channel. Nice, hand on the hip, thing there E. I guess it is wheat beer, from here on out, for you brother! He He! Actually, E is holding up a Gouden Carolus Classic. Notice the Schlitz Pimp Goblet? It is a excellent Belgian ale. E brought a bottle over to drink while brewing our, most flamboyant, "Douche Bag Wheat" Beer. It has sort of a champagne taste to it. Pretty good beer.

Yeah! It's That Gay!

This is the gayest beer we have ever made. In fact, it may be the gayest American wheat beer ever made by anyone. This is our Pink Triangle clone. (Just kidding) The Freak Brothers tend to avoid this level of gayness in brewing because, this is the kind of beer you see phrat boys drinking to appear sophisticated. It is the kind of beer our wives order when we take them to a brew pub. But, we made it anyway. After all, you gotta have some beer that the family and friends will drink. I hate to gay this (I mean say this) but, E wants to fruit the beer next time we make it. How queer is that? As if it weren't fem enough. He wants to toss in some cherries or raspberries. I am not sure I can go that gay but, he says it is for his sisters birthday party. Must be a Power Puff Girls theme or something. Oh well, it will taste good on a hot summer day. And by the way, Yep! It's that Gay! However, it had an OG of 1.054 and the FG is 1.013. Not bad for the gayest beer in the world!

P.S. I checked on it the next day and it was settling out, clearing up and getting some good color to it. I actually can't wait to try it. Don't tell anyone.

Don't Try This At Home! (unless you are sober)

Well folks, the Blichmann Beer Gun is cool but, we had a bit of trouble with it at first. The biggest problem was that the beer was over carbonated. In addition to that, E and I were fucked up. This thing looks really cool. I know it will serve us better in the future. I just wanted to put up a funny as shit photo to let you know what can happen if you are drunk when you make the maiden voyage with the Blichmann Beer Gun. Don't let this photo talk you out of getting one. Once we pull our heads out of our asses, we will let you know how it works. I am sure it will work well.