Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trouble in paradise... But, not so fast

Well the barleywine took a left turn on brew day. Last Sunday, we were going to re-pitch the slurry from our Scottish ale we made 3 weeks ago but at the last minute Freak calls and tells me that the beer isn't done fermenting. So instead of risking it, we used the same recipe and increased the final volume 5 gals for what should be an outstanding IPA. I think that our problems were due to the Scotch ale yeast dropping out too quickly leaving a way underfermented beer. Freak is doing his best to try and revive this batch by adding dry yeast, shaking the fermentor, rolling the fermentor, yelling at the fermentor etc.
Here is the recipe for the Change of Plans IPA:

Change of Plans IPA (15 gal)

35 lbs Briess 2-row
2 lbs Crystal 60
2 lbs Dark Munich
2 oz Chinook hops 12.5% aau (120 min)
2 oz Cascade hops 5% aau (60 min)
2 oz Cascade hops 5% aau (30 min)
3 oz Cascade hops 5% aau (dry hop 1 week)
3 packets 1056 dry yeast (too late for a starter, Freak swears by dry yeast)

120 minute boil reducing wort from 19 gallons to 15 gallons

Staring gravity 1.075
Final gravity 1.011 (as of 1-2-08)
Alcohol % w/v 6.56 / 8.39

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let the madness begin...

Since the year is coming to an end, Freak and I decided it's time to do something wild... Barleywine! Our plan is to make the most powerfull beer possible. So far our target starting gravity is 1.144 (the max BJCP guidelines allows) and a hop bitterness in the 80 to 90 ibu range. I think this beer, out of all the beers ever made, will be the hardest for Freak to deal with . Why? Because it will not be ready to drink for at least a year if not longer. For Freak thats 11 months and 2 weeks too long. You can look for more updates later in the week.
"E" Out...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Black -N- Freakin' Tan Baby!!!

Here it is Mutha! A Freakin' Black -N- Tan! Cool thing is that it stays that way to the bottom of the glass. It's a gravity thing folks! Tastes great too!!!!!