Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Don't Believe Al Gore! CO2 is a Good Thing!

Don't buy into the Left-Wing propaganda! CO2 is a good thing. If that BS were true, I would have, single-handedly, burnt the Earth to a crisp! I am man! Watch me keg!

Cock Out!

Rack-N-Roll the Pail Ale!

I decided to, go ahead and, keg 5 gallons of the (10-20-07) Pale Ale because we are going to do a batch of "Freaked Out" Oatmeal Stout on Saturday. We need so home brew to drink while brewing! It seems to make the beer turn out better. Check out the video. The beer looks and smells great! We will probably keg the rest of it while we brew and, maybe bottle some for future contests.


Cock O' the Brew Haus!

Monday, October 29, 2007


These were the brews that we had while making the (10-20-07) pale ale. The thing that blew my mind, the most, was that the Tanner's Jack was $10.99 per 6 pack. It was good but, not that good. I could have had a 30 pack of Miller High Life or Old Style for just 3 bucks more. And I would have been happier, longer. As for the Left Hand Jackman's Pale Ale, I bought it for 2 reasons. (1) I'm left handed and (2) , the word, Jackman goes back in the day when I was a kid. It was a slang word that we used all the time and, it ment nothing. Beaman the Treeman will remember that. However, it was a really good beer. I would recommend it to anyone that is stupid enough to spend 11 bucks on Tanner's Jack! Oh, by the way, it came with a sticker that I put on my keg fridge!

Cock O' the Brew Haus

Re-Pitch That Bitch!

Here you have it! Two batches, back to back, in one week. The way I see it, we are makin' beer for about $40 per 17-18 gallons. That is what you call cheap beer. Even my wife likes the idea! This is no shit! Ask E! My wife told me that I need to do this all the time. No Lie! She said it would be so much cheaper than buying it at the store. Well, Duh! This woman is every guy's dream! He He! I guess I will have to do the husbandly thing and just keep brewing more beer. I don't want to let her down. Don't forget, this is the same woman that let me take out a $5,000 loan to buy my brewery. You guys gotta get you a girl like her!

Shit Brown Ale Mash

This is the "Shit Brown Ale" mash that we did on Sunday (10-28-07). Notice that the sparge ring is covered in mash. We pushed the grain level to the limit. We used the same yeast from the 10-20-07 pale ale batch in this brew. It really took off. At first we thought it would turn out like a porter because, we expected a gravity of about 1.062 but, much to E's dismay, I added water to the boil and brought it down to 1.050. I know, I know. That was evil! I just wanted to keep it a BJCP, style correct, Brown Ale. I'll never live this one down as we tossed about 2 gallons of wert down the drain. It just wouldn't fit in the fermenter. My bad! And, Piss Off! He He!


Cock O' the Brew Haus

Pail Ale Boil From 10-20-07 Batch

This is the American Pail Ale that we maid on 10-20-07. That is one big ass boil! As of yesterday, we took the yeast off the bottom of it and re-pitched it in a batch of American Brown Ale. At this point, both beers fermented like a Mutha! I wish that I had taken video of the pale ale fermentation. It went balls out! Photos of our "Shit Brown Ale" are coming soon. We will be using the same yeast. Can you say "Re-Pitch Mutha"?

Trying something new...

Yesterday was brew day again for the Freak Bro's, the recipe goal was a brown ale but in usual freak fashion, things went over the top and I'm pretty sure we ended up with a porter. The goal of this brew was to repitch the yeast from the bottom of the fermentor cone from the american ale batch last Saturday. If all goes as planned the beer is blowing out all over the floor in a fury of fermentation like the last batch. Freak should have some updates and pics to follow.

Friday, October 26, 2007


This is the Freak Brothers Brewery. I did my best to tell you about it but, I'm no freakin' actor. I can brew but, I act like an idiot! He He! Enjoy

Cock O' the Brew Haus!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The starter is starting...

The starter is is cooled and the yeast is ready for the takeover, growing and growing ready to unleash its awesome power on 15 gallons of unfermented beer.


Well here it is boys and girls. The brew of the day!

I picked up a couple of sixers that I have never had before. O'Neal is supposed to bring over the ESB yeast starter but, it sounds like he is pussing out. So much for Mr. October! After I give these beers a try I will tell you all about them. I have already started on a Retro Red Ale. It comes from the Fort Collins Brewery in Colorado. Beaman the Treeman may be familiar with this place. As soon as I get done with both beers I will give you an update. If E has a set of balls, he will come over and give you his assessment too.

UPDATE: Retro Red Ale

Well, not a bad beer. I like my Reds (and most beers for that matter) a little less astringent. That is OK. Reds tend to be that way. The malt hop balance is nice, and even, as it should be and, the color is a nice, copper brown. It is close to the color of the bottle with a bit of red tint. All of the Carmel flavors that you would expect in a red were present. I was not impressed with the head retention but, that seems to be typical of all canned or bottled beers. It could be that my glass was not as clean as it should have been. I just did a hot water rinse after a previous beer. I am sure it is much better on tap. Only Treeman (unless I make a trip West) can give us the low down on the "Out of Tap" version of this beer. In conclusion, this beer fits the BJCP style guidelines, as it should. If it didn't they wouldn't be in business. I get tired of beer nerds that taste pub brews and turn their nose up at them. They are all good. I could drink this beer any day and not be unhappy. But, that doesn't say much! Does it? All it says is that BEER is good! He He!

Cock Out!

UPDATE: O'Neal is here now! He is not a pussy after all! Here is his opinion of The Shipyard IPA!

FREAK BROTHERS "Beer Mate of the Month"

Mr. October!
Congrats E! You are the first ever "Beer Mate of the Month"!

Notice E, with "Red Cock" (Ale) in hand! See how his fist grips it so tight as he is talking on 1-900-Get-Beer. He is looking so smooth. The photo was taken October 13, 2007 at Freaktober Fest II. What a "Drunk Next Door"!

In order to qualify for this honor, you must submit a "Drunk Next Door" photo. The "Drunk Next Door" must be intoxicated, holding a beer and be looking smooth (or stupid)!

Send your "Drunk Next Door" photos to We will consider all photos and select the best one. Best of luck!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The ESB is comming! The ESB is comming!

On Saturday, October 20th, E and I will be brewing a batch of ESB (Extra Special Bitter). This is a strong English Ale. It should be a good, easy to drink, beer with a kick. I can't wait to get this one done. As you all know, I went home from the party with 3 empty kegs. It's gonna be hard to wait for this one to get done. He picked the ingredients up yesterday. The recipe goes as follows.

You name it ESB
25lbs Briess 2 row pale malt
1.5lbs Crystal 60
1.5lbs Carapils
2oz Nugget Hops (bittering)
4oz Cascade Hops (bittering and Aroma)
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast (3/4 gal starter)

I wish you all could be here to taste it but, since you can't, We will have a drink for all of you. There is one way you can have a part in the process. You can help us name it. Give us name suggestions in the comments section. I like "Mr. Excitement Special Bitter" or "Mr. ESB"!

Cock Out!

Update: Well, we didn't do an ESB. E turned it into a pale ale. That's good by me. I love all beer. By the way, it turned out great. It is already gone. At least my share is. E will probably have his for 6 more months. He He!

The intoxicant...

Red Cock ale... it was beautiful.

Monday, October 15, 2007

What a great party

I would like to say it was great to see everyone that showed up at Le Pards house on Saturday. "Freak" definitely cooked up some awesome food and the 15 gallons of home brew was enjoyed by all. It was definitely a surreal experience at times with the abundance beer and the abundance of other psychoactive plant materials. I would have to agree with Rob who I heard say "I don't know what it is man, I feel like I'm 18 all over again hangin' out with all these guys" and you could tell he was on a roll, dude you were cracking me up the whole freakin' day. I do hope that this annual event continues, and that everyone returns and even more friends can make it next year.