Friday, November 2, 2007

This Is What You Have ALL Been Waiting For! (Almost Better Than PDG)

The Pale Ale is ready and, it has been requested that I video myself as I get intoxicated. Well, I'll do my best to give you what you want. I'm on my 5th pint and I will pour my 6th on camera. Other videos will follow.

Gettin' ripped with Freak and The Dead Kennedy's! Pint #6 is better than pint #5. I expect #7 to be even better. #8 should be real good! #9 is gonna blow my mind!!! Too bad you aren't here E! It sucks to be you! I promise I will save a few drops for tomorrow's brew session. He He!!!!

I was right, as I always am. Pint # 7 is better than #6. I think I will kick back and listen to some more tunes while I suck down the Pale Ale that E is so desperately waiting to drink tomorrow. I hope I have some left. That would suck if I drank it all tonight and, we didn't have any beer to drink in the morning. He He! Sucks to be sitting on the South side of Des Moines, miles away from what I am enjoying right now. Doesn't it E?

I am laughing my ass off, as I watch our efforts go down my throat!

This is some good beer! Just think how good it will taste tomorrow! I'm at 7.5 now. 8 is coming soon. After that will be 9 followed by 10. Then comes 11. I can count still. Thats good. I won't even need to count tomorrow because we will have 0 beers left. It is easy to count to zero. You must be pissed right now. He He!

Pouring #8 was easier than #7 because, I knew I was 1 beer closer to keeping you from getting one of your own. Freak on full display for all to see! God Save the Queen!


This is some funny shit! Filming myself getting tanked! F.U.B.A.R.ed!

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