Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Premature "Freak-keg-ulation"!

The pale ale is gone and I need a good brew to cure what ales me. So, it is time to keg the brown ale. I would love to secondary it for 6 months E but, I'm fucking thirsty right now! No time to wait. As I have always said, "You never know when your drinkin' your last homebrew".

Not sure if you noticed but, the brown ale is lookin' real good and so am I! Not! He He! It really turned out nice. However, just as we predicted, it is closer to a porter than a brown ale. The OG was 1.050. That clearly puts it inside the BJCP guidelines for a brown but, it also fits the profile of a porter. E suggests we enter it in the state fair in both categories. I suggest we both enter the same beer, in either (or both) category, and see who wins. That would be some funny shit. Those beer nerds would trash one of us and say the other was the best beer they ever had. Trust me I have seen that kind of objectivity take place before. I say we should do it. That would be some funny shit!

Here Is what she looks like. One thing I must say is that we never have a problem with head or head retention. It always seems to be great!

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